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Back to Bimini!

Things were so busy – and awesome – at the end of the University of New Brunswick Saint John course last month, that we (okay, me!) never managed to get their final blog posts up. It was an absolutely fantastic course. The final days included a mangrove snorkel, Caribbean reef sharks, southern stingray rays and more dolphins! Great group dinners, an engaging conversation on eco-tourism and the final night out celebrating with Nishka – it was wonderful. We can’t wait to welcome Dr. Turnbull and a new UNBSJ crew back to Bimini next year! Flash forward to yesterday (Tuesday), I was thrilled to welcome DCP’s first 2018 Short Field Experience Intern to Bimini. J.P. first came to Bimini during Sacred…

More field intern openings!

DCP has opened two more Short Field Experience Intern openings (SFE interns)! These SFE interns join our Bimini, The Bahamas field site for 12 nights. Session 1: Arrive 25 June - Depart 7 July Session 2: Arrive 13 July – Depart 25 July SFE interns will get a jam-packed experience, learning about DCP's data collection, data entry and data analysis procedures. SFE interns will contribute directly to DCP's research and education efforts while getting a taste of the research life for themselves. The fee for this experience is $600 which covers lodging, utilities and drinking water. Transportation (by air or ferry) to Bimini and food while on Bimini are not included. Spaces will be filled on a rolling-basis, so we…


Wednesday began with breakfast and our blog writing. During the blog, a small bird, called “chip-chip” locally, flew right into the window behind us! It was a bit sad to see it on the porch and while we were watching it, two more flew into the window; one individual bird tried twice! Dr. Turnbull went outside to block the window and startled one of the birds back to life (ok, maybe he poked it back to life). Class time focused on lectures on coral reefs and sharks. Who knew that Dr. Turnbull thought stingrays were so cute? We used our free time to do some more shopping, racing back in time for lunch, only to discover that we weren’t the…

Braving the waves

On Tuesday morning, we saw a water spout (essentially a tornado on the ocean) from our class space. It was an, ummm, interesting way to start the day. Thankfully, the rest of the day was nice – it’s getting pretty warm down here! After writing our blog, we did a few of our cetacean species presentations. Then, we had a lecture on photo-ID and were able to practice on archived photos before identifying the two dolphins we swam with on Monday: Cerra (#38) and Sulfur (#102). During our break before lunch, we did a little shopping and saw the ruins of the hotel where Hemingway used to stay. It was really warm as we walked around and then headed back…

Do aliens really exist?

The laughing gulls woke Christine Monday morning, but she wasn’t laughing! After breakfast, some of us went shopping and others swimming – and got to take a shower in the torrential downpour afterwards! We dried off and headed to class. The afternoon was the most exciting part: just like Sunday, we didn’t have to wait long at all! Some of the same dolphins were once again just offshore. Today, they didn’t seem as interested in the boat, as they traveled south. We are already trying to identify individual dolphins! Because these dolphins were on the move and not interested in slowing down for us, we resumed our search, taking a break to snorkel “The Bimini Road” (aka “Atlantis.”) Though we…

3 a.m. wake up: Totally worth it

We are so happy to welcome Dr. Stephen Turnbull and students from University of New Brunswick Saint John back to Bimini! It’s been a few years since UNBSJ has done a course with us and we’re thrilled have to them. This week, all of the DCP blog posts will be written by the UNBSJ students. Enjoy! -Kel & Nicole Bimini is the smallest airport we’ve seen so far. We thought Saint John was small! It was super chill as well. Maybe the maintenance guy was the one helping us? As opposed to Nassau (where Natalia flew threw) which is much more developed and like America. The water in Bimini is so beautiful, flying over was amazing and though those of…

What’s up with the harbor, dolphins?

For the second time in the last month, I received a report of Atlantic spotted dolphins in the bay of Bimini. I’ve been studying these dolphins off Bimini’s shore for 15 years, with only a single report of spotteds in the harbor last fall, soon after Hurricane Irma (and those dolphins were very close to the opening of the bay/harbor). So…what’s up with coming in the harbor, dolphins? As we work to ID which dolphins are undertaking this exploration, we hope everyone will be safe and respectful around the dolphins in the this area (and everywhere, of course!) !) – meaning, cautious driving, no touching, no feeding. So far, we know that Romeo (#10) and Leslie (#80), with their calves…

Thank you,!

Happy National Dolphin Day! Yup. Did you know that April 14th is National Dolphin Day? This year, we are once again thankful for all of our supporters and today we add to that list. My Pet Needs That is focused around providing advice and guidance for pet owners worldwide. We are grateful to be a part of My Pet Needs That’s current campaign to help non-profits. Thank you! If your company is interested in becoming a corporate sponsor of DCP, please contact us at info{at}dcpmail{dot}org. If you are interested in making a donation – whether a one-time show of support or monthly commitment – head to our Donate page under the “Ways to Help” menu. PS: Interested in joining…

2018 Short Field Experience: Apply Now!

DCP is now accepting two Short Field Experience Interns (SFE interns) to join our Bimini, The Bahamas field site from 22 May - 3 June 2018. SFE interns will get a jam-packed experience, learning about DCP's data collection, data entry and data analysis procedures. With supervision by experienced DCP researchers, SFE interns will contribute directly to DCP's research and education efforts while getting a taste of the research life for themselves. The fee for this experience is $600 which covers lodging, utilities and drinking water. Transportation (by air or ferry) to Bimini and food while on Bimini are not included. Spaces will be filled on a rolling-basis, so we recommend getting your application in as soon as possible. To apply,…

The Dolphin Gazette, Issue 22, 1

Looking back and looking ahead! Kathleen shares an overview of her January university courses at RIMS and invites you to join her in the fall. Kel gives info on opportunities in Bimini - with eco-tours or an internship. A heads up on our fast approaching 20th Anniversary wraps up the issue along with a fun crossword puzzle to entice you into the field! Thanks for reading - and sharing! Click here to download your copy now!

The future of (almost) everything

UCONN, Kathleen's alma mater, asked alums in various businesses what they think the future holds for their particular industry, be it education, finance, entertainment, or space exploration. Scroll down to the science section to read Kathleen's thoughts!

Connect the Dots

Check out Coastal Angler Magazine Fort Myers Edition for a short artile by Kel! DCP hopes that the Coastal Angler readers enjoy this introduction into DCP's work, particularly photo-ID and all the questions recognizing individuals allows us to ask. Want to join us in Bimini yourself? We are currently accepting sign-ups for May 2018 and August 2018 eco-tours - click here to learn more. Can't travel to Bimini? Pre-order your snazzy shirt today and wear it knowing your purchase supports our dolphin research efforts!

Sail away with me - in Bimini!!

Woo-who! We are excited to offer two - that's right two - opportunities to join us in Bimini, The Bahamas. Here, we study wild Atlantic spotted and bottlenose dolphins. By joining a DCP Bimini eco-tour, you not only get an awesome, bucket-list worthy vacation, but you ensure DCP gets much needed boat time to collect our data. You'll learn about the dolphins and our research, even assisting if you want! Packages are all-inclusive (accommodations, food, boat trips, tax). We work with the most experienced Bahamian operator on the island. And, we can't wait for you to join us.  Click here for all the details, including: Session 1: Check-in Saturday 26 May, Check-out Thursday 31 May 2018 Session 2: Check-in Sunday…

They're baaaaaaaack! Order your DCP shirt today!

You can rock an awesome DCP shirt this spring…and summer…and fall…You get the idea! We are pleased to offer the chance to pre-order DCP shirts, including, for the first time, stylish, flowy women’s tanks. This special order period ends on March 7, 2018. Shirts and bundles are expected to ship on or before April 2nd. USPS Priority shipping is included in the price of the shirts. Regrettably, we can currently only ship to US & Canadian addresses. All shirt purchases help fund our research and education efforts. Plus, pre-ordering your shirt, you help DCP reduce the overhead of placing the shirt order with our printer – which is super helpful! So go on. Click here and take a look.
22 Jan 2018

DCP Field Course Wrap-Up for January 2018 at RIMS, AKR

I spent two weeks on Roatan with two engaged, energetic and enthusiastic groups of students. One from Colorado State University and one from the University of Rhode Island (URI). Collectively, we were able to record a bit more than four hours of video data in nine early morning sessions. Mother Nature threw quite a bit of rain, wind and waves at us during both weeks but kicked it up a notch during our second week at Anthony's Key Resort and the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences. Each group had safe and uneventful travels home, though my trek was a tad delayed this past weekend. All inbound flights on Saturday were delayed, and one was even cancelled! The group from URI…

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