The Dolphin Pod

The Dolphin Pod is a science podcast hosted by DCP's own Justin Gregg and dedicated to all things dolphin. It was active from August 2006 through February 2009, with over 50 episodes produced, all of which are archived for your listening pleasure on the DCP website. Episodes feature interviews with leading dolphin scientists, coverage of dolphin stories in the news, and loads of mind-tickling information on dolphin behavior, cognition, communication, anatomy, etc.

The Dim Dolphin Controversy

The subject of this week’s special episode is a controversial article by Professor Paul Manger of Johannesburg’s University of the Witwatersrand concerning the dolphin…

Is that a dolphin or a whale

This week’s episode features a discussion of the terms whale, dolphin, and porpoise. Did you know that a killer whale, otherwise known as an…

So high it Hertz

Just how well can dolphins hear? You may be aware that dogs have a hearing range well above that of human beings; they are…

Stunning New Research

A special research news update – the hypothesis that dolphins can use loud bangs or deafening click sounds to debilitate, stun or even kill…

The Hollywood Dolphin Squeak

Learn why the most famous dolphin squeak of all is actually a fraud. This episode looks at one of the most recognizable and famous…

The Inaugural Episode

This is the very first episode of our innovative science podcast dedicated exclusively to all things dolphin. The Dolphin Pod will bring you up-to-date…

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