My Tuesday morning data collection session was cut short because Ronnie decided it’d be fun to be pushy and swim circles around me. So, rather than reward such rambunctious actions, I removed myself and waited for a second session later in the morning! During the first entry and the second, I did check on the SM2M. It was right where we left it (hurray!) and while in the water I confirmed that the red LED light on the hydrophone tip went on when the recording was supposed to be happening. Phew!alt

The second session was preceded by Nicole and me being asked by Dante to act as guests for a training session with Champ – a 1.5 yr old dolphin. Dante needed to have a few people near him while he worked with Champ so Champ could get used to us. He was a champ (I could not resist!) and seemed quite at ease with Nicole and me near Dante.

The observation session went smoothly – no rough-housing toward me. A few juveniles thought it would be fun to swim tight circles around me a couple of times (causing me to get dizzy!) but they also played with each other. The youngsters include Calli, Tilly, Polly, Elli, Champ, Lenca and Mac. Nicole and I think we have finally committed their few scratches and scars to memory such that we can regularly recognize each of the individuals. They were quite vocal during the session – whistles, buzzes and clicks were recorded along with some twisty turns and fast swims. All in all, an hour of data was collected with the MVA2. John mounted a GoPro to the top the MVA2 so each entry has two video logs. The GoPro provides a wider frame of view but both allow documentation of the behavioral interactions among the dolphins.  alt

Tomorrow is another day that will begin with me in the water at 6:45 AM!


Kathleen & the DCP RIMS 2013 team

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