It felt like Nicole, Nate and I opened JFK airport having arrived at 03:45 to check in for our flight through Atlanta to Roatan. The time sped by, however, and we landed on Roatan at 11:15 AM (we’re on mountain time on Roatan) to weather warmth that has departed New England for the season. It turns out that Ron, Madison, Bill and Dana were on our flight also … the only late arrivals of our group were John and Bill S.  We are all settled on the NW corner of Anthony’s Key with a peripheral view of Bailey’s Key, and the dolphins, and a regular ocean concert of crashing waves.

Getting to Anthony’s Key Resort felt like coming home, especially since I’d not been able to visit last year for data collection. And, we were greeted with the news that there are 7 new dolphins to the group – new since my last visit 2.5 years ago (WOW!). Residing around Bailey’s Key are Hector, Han, Paya, Ronnie, Alita, Beasley, Carmella, Cedeña, Gracie, Maury, Mika, Bailey, Polly, Elli, Calli, Tilly (Yes, now we have a Tilly at RIMS and around Bimini!), Lenca, Champ and Mac. Later in the week I’ll identify who’s related to whom for the dolphins. We learned that French, Ritchie, Anthony and Bill are at a facility on the other side of Roatan. We spent an hour or so at Bailey’s Key watching the dolphins frolic at the surface, chasing one another and playing keep away with sea grass blades.  

I spoke with Eldon and will begin data collection early tomorrow morning – I plan two separate half-hour sessions to get the dolphins reacquainted with my gear (and me). Until tomorrow …


Kathleen & the DCP RIMS 2013 team

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