We arrived about 20 minutes early to Roatan from Atlanta. The captain actually circled the island so we all got an aerial introduction to the island. It looked great and very welcoming.
Our trek through immigration and customs went smoothly and then we had a short bus ride to Anthony’s Key Resort.

The resort has changed little, and our enthusiasm was matched by the staff who greeted us.

We lucked out with our rooms – we have rooms right on the dock! So, we get a front row seat to the setting sun each night. The ‘porch’ is common for all of our rooms and is a double-decker design. So, our DRT team has been practicing their synchronous jumps from the first level. This afternoon, our swims were a welcome wake up before settling in and getting oriented.
Tomorrow we do our first data collection on the dolphins, and our first boat snorkel trip.
Kathleen & the DRT team (Ben, Catharine, Ethan, Katie, Kimo, Lydia, Scarlet, Timmy, Thomas, Gary & John)

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