On Saturday morning, in the very early wee hours of the morning (4 am to be exact), we will depart Hartford for Roatan. I say we, because I will be joined by nine DRTs. The DRTs are the DCP Dolphin Research Trainees: junior high school students from Pine Point School in Stonington, Connecticut, who spent the spring semester learning about DCP's research program on Roatan and also about the culture, habitat and coastal ecology of Roatan. (Remember that the 2007 DRT team went to Mikura with me last year).

Our team is ready, but I am not, yet. I will be picking up last minute supplies (batteries, subblock) tomorrow and then finalizing my packing. Currently, all gear is strewn over the floor of part of my basement as I review my list and check it twice. 

We will make every attempt to post regular updates while at RIMS at Anthony's Key Resort. But, we'll be in the water so much observing the dolphins, fish and coral that we might not be dry enough to touch the computer!

Tomorrow I'll update you on the  dolphin community that we research at RIMS. We'll observe them and record their behavior and sounds from Saturday 16 August to Saturday 23 August. 

Until tomorrow,



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