The visibility has held out, so I spent a good chunk of the morning recording dolphin behavior and sounds.
Some play, some feeding, some hanging out, some chases and some poking and prodding – all were on the behavior menu today.

Read more: An hour and a half in the water for data collection!
Several times I had very close and clear views of the newest calves. After a few seconds, suddenly Ken was full-frame! He was more than a camera ham today, during both sessions! Read more: Ken has become my best buddy!
Bill, Ron & Madison went via dive boat and a couple of dives. The rest of us went via snorkel boat and stopped for a quick view along the way. Read more: Picnic at Osgood Cay
For the first 10 min or so, the dolphins checked me out or let me record them. Then, I was mostly avoided … or so it felt. Read more: Sunday
It took both moms about 20 minutes before they’d swim by but I was afforded some really great views of the calves. Ken also decided I was his play buddy for most of the morning session! Read more: 2007 Data Collection Begins
I joined Teri at Osgood Cay this morning for my first view of this new facility for AKR. Very Cool! Read more: Osgood Cay
My flight to Honduras left JFK at 3:50 AM! After a layover, arrived to ANthony's Key Resort at about noon. Read more: Travel and Arrival
Kathleen & Bill travel to Roatan this evening and our 2007 ecotour team arrives on Saturday. Read more: DCP RIMS program 2007

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