Departure from the resort was 06:30 and arrival at home was 01:30 (next day)! Read more: Travel day
One last morning session gave me an additional 30 minutes of video … much better visibility thank yesterday! Read more: Last Full Day at AKR and RIMS
And, the dolphins were mostly ignoring me. This means that I was able to hang back a bit and get a wider perspective on the action. Read more: GREAT Visibility under water!
The moms stay along the periphery … and if the calves get out-of-hand, then mom zooms in and removes her calf from the activity. Read more: Some rough play among the youngsters
Much social activity – reciprocal pectoral fin rubbing between Gracie & Mrs. B and Paya & Ritchie. Read more: Our Data Collection Volunteers arrive today!
Dolphin Updates – Ronnie, Bill, Maury, and Mika moved to Belize, plus two new arrivals and one departure. Read more: Hugs & Smiles Abound
  A layover in Miami and two stops in Honduras and our 17 hr day finished on Roatan, with all bags accounted for. Hurray!
Read more: The joys of travel in the times we are living.
We travel partway to JFK to bring Umi to “summer camp” with my folks while we are in the field. Read more: Prepping gear and packing for Roatan

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