This thunderstorm was more severe – and had all guests talking in the AM at breakfast.

Mother Nature Light and Sound Show

Our team had a theoretical send off to their last day. Everyone but Sandra and Mattias leaves today – Sandra and Mattias have another week of diving. By 1pm, our team had mostly departed and I was left with a day of maintenance. Laundry, data review, gear review, nap. We had a good week with about 4 hours of video and ECD recordings gathered. Everyone seemed to have a fun and learning time. Not much else to report. I have one more week for data collection. I hope also to use the MOSART tags again. Both Gracie and Ronnie seem okay with the pacs that include extra weight. So…till tomorrow, Cheers, Kathleen P.S. Sandra and Mattias’ dive gear bag is now considered a loss – but their clothing should arrive tomorrow…

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