I joined Bruce and Junior for a “walk” with Rita.

Our 1st full day at RIMS

The sound of gentle waves lapping greeted my ears when I woke. The day was just drawing. I could see the dolphins leaping and socializing at Bailey’s Key- always a good start. It was good to see the Galinda’s and the resort staff again. I met several new trainers and a few “old“ ones. Bruce and I coordinated on the encounter/swim schedule for DCP’s volunteers and the MOSART/pec pac data collection. Ronnie and Gracie have been wearing the pec pacs. I had one of my 2 checked bags- the one with the MOSART tags- not arrive yesterday. It came today and delayed the tag set-up by only one day. The plug for the voltage converter (the charger from Christer is 220 and we are 110) won’t fit my room’s plugs- it will at RIMS though. I went over to see the dolphins with the trainers- it felt like coming home. And I got to see Ken and Jack as 1 year olds. They are Carmella and Gracie’s calves that were both a the end of our field season last year. Very rambunctious! Mrs. Beasley’s calf, Mr. French, is 2 months older but no less playful. After seeing their familiar faces, I joined Bruce and Junior for a “walk” with Rita. She follows the boat to the RIMS area, then back. A great day! Till tomorrow and our team’s arrival, Kathleen

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