A WICKED strong current! Today, more than ever before, I was envious of the dolphins agility & power in the water. Read more: Sunny skies, calming seas
Kristy helped me all week, and today the next group of ecotourists arrived to help with data collection for a week. Read more: Kristy leaves and Team #2 arrives
  The early am underwater visibility was great, and afforded 1 hour between 7:15-8:15 and a half hour session at 10 am.
Read more: AM socializing
Hector chased, hit, or jaw clapped at Mika, Maury, or Ronnie during an early morning observation (from 7 am). Read more: Jaw claps prevail
Our morning began, well... hot, humid, and dolphin filled. Read more: A visit by a wild dolphin group
Today, I was a dolphin pin cushion - sort of. Ronnie, Mika, and Maury all delighted in poking me or the array with their rostra. Read more: Their smile can be mischievous
Another hot day in paradise that had us fooling with an Ultra-cold freezer and recording dolphins. Read more: Day 1 of Week 2
The southerly edge of IVAN is over us. The waves are rolling and crashing over the reef. The u/w visibility is not good. Read more: Hurrican IVAN mkes an appearance
Our first full day saw an afternoon data collecion session to throw everyhone into the fray right away! Read more: Day 2: Recording Dolphins
The trip was long but well worth it when stepping off the plane on Roatan Read more: Arrival on Roatan

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