We decided to process some data and let our sun & salt scorched skin take a day off. So to speak. Read more: Avoiding the sun & salt
Another productive day: 1.5 hours data bringing our total up to 6 hours of video & sound recordings Read more: The One Week Mark
Rain, WInd, Clouds, poor underwater visibility suggested that we spend the afternoon analyzing video rather than recording. Read more: Honduras Independence Day
  We did a recording session for one hour this morning and began video analyses this afternoon.
Read more: A windy day.
Two in-water sessions today bringing our number data hours to 3 in two days. Read more: Whistles Galore!
  We got the okay from Eldon to begin underwater observations and MVA3 data collection.
Read more: Finally - IN the Water!
  Finding & remembering ID marks that can be used from above and below the water's surface.
Read more: Surface Observations
An early day with a morning dip to be sure the MVA3 didn't leak. It did ... Read more: Unpacking & Settling In
Travel began at 02:00 and finished at 18:30. Even with an after-sunset arrival, it was worth it. Read more: Travel Day
This fall, we begin the first study of captive dolphins using the samemethods for our studies of dolphins in the Bahamas and Japan. Read more: A Brand New Research Program

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