Buster & Maury tapped & pushed the hydrophone repeatedly. Rita made a bullet swim past Kathleen in the water.
Read more: A dolphin punching bag... so to speak
The preamplifier for the MVA3 malfunctioned: intermittent sound for morning and mostly no audio for the afternoon. We are perplexed. Read more: Clouds & Rain
Dark clouds and wind greeted us upon waking. Read more: A good day to stay in
We conducted one half hour in water session today and then spent the afternoon inside watching and logging video. Read more: A regular day at the 'field office'
We just passed 2.5 weeks of field research here at Anthony's Key Resort with RIMS and we have 15 hours of data! Read more: An eventful day
Robin is introduced to her first 60 min consecutive underwater recording session. Read more: Sex, Sex, Sex
The afternoon saw more (always more) video analysis ... but in an Air-conditioned classroom. Read more: Cruise Ship Day is Wednesday
  Two underwater sessions this morning added 1.5 hours of data. Unfortunately, battery technicalities limited our audio capture
Read more: Tuesday - first early AM session.
The underwater visbility was again great. Both Kathleen & Robin did a 30 min session in the water between 10 and noon. Read more: Monday - All refreshed
We decided to spend the day going through tapes and confirming dolphin ID's. Read more: Saturday with a day in the lab
... Robin's first wide-eyed exclamation after 30 min of data recording among the RIMS dolphins. Read more: Robin's First underwater foray with MVA3

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