We split the observation sessions today to give Kathleen a swim rest; that is, 2 shorter underwater swims versus the long one. Read more: They're eating the eel grass!
Data collection and analyses sandwiched a beach picnic and canopy ride. Read more: Bright & Early Observations
Everyone began the day with a swim, kayak or snorkel to get a better view of our environment. Read more: The research continues
Our first-crack team of volunteers absorbed an amazing amount of information ... before their eyes glazed over from overload and heat. Read more: Getting to know the methods
  Today is day 1 of a week-long trip for participants who have come to assist with our research.
Read more: Data Analyses, Summaries & Preparation
Tail slaps (above and below the surface), biting, jaw claps, chases, whistles and clicks, s-postures and more. Read more: Three underwater sessions all before noon!
The last two days have been very hot (muy caliente) and we discovered the hard way that sunblock really should be applied often. Read more: Day #23 of our first Roatan Field Season
Today saw us gather about 1.5 hours of data - early morning and afternoon. Our first jaw pops and 'come hither' sounds. Read more: A day in the sun... aren't they all?

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