We planned to observe the dolphins, but Mother Nature had other ideas.

Add some thunder and lightning for excitement

Robin was going to operate/propel the array today with Kathleen on the tower, staying dry. HAH! We had about 15 min of observation before the trainers and visitors arrived bringing the downpour with them. It's rained non-stop for ~4 hours now. We thought it best not to be either on the tower or in the water with the accompanying thunder and lightning. Not to mention the icky visibility and low light.
So, we reviewed data, summaries and a novel of two. Robin is shocked that she needed her sweatpants today!
A few members of our Team #2 of research volunteers arrived today with the rest arriving throughout the day tomorrow. We'll keep you posted on our last week of data collection at RIMS for 2003.
Kathleen, Robin & John

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