The ground and plants were dry. The gentle, steady rain welcome.

Hurray, after about 4 mo of little rain.

There were two birds outside our cabin fluffing and vocalizing with delight as the rain fell. Likely their first bath in some time. They were happy (or seemed so to us).
Afternoon saw us with more ECD testing. Today, Eldon was in the water to Kathleen's right, then left. We asked Paya and Esteban, alternately, to approach Kathleen then veer to Eldon. Why? We wanted to record the dolphin echolocation and click side bands to examine these aspects of their sounds.
After a few good trials, Paya & Esteban took matters into their own flippers. Paya swam at Kathleen and stationed on the MVA3 - that is, rostrum to face plate. Esteban chose to see how close he could get to Kathleen without actually touching her ... side swiping not included. Of course, Cedena, Beasley & Maury had to join the action - if only as audience members.
So far, our ECD directivity testing has been a success. Tomorrow we record stationary clicks.
Till then,
Kathleen, Robin & John

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