Mikura island is a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. Read more: Arrival on Mikura
The children who attended this year’s workshop were keen to learn about dolphins and the oceans. Read more: Enoshima workshop 2005
Tokyo has certainly lived up to its reputation as the best place on earth to find state of the art electronic equipment. Read more: Getting last minute supplies
I am too excited to notice that I am exhausted – Japan is full of all sorts of new and interesting sights and sounds! Read more: Konnichiwa Japan
Kathleen’s basement is all abuzz with the constant chatter of researchers assembling supplies for 2005 field season. Read more: Getting ready for the 2005 Mikura Field Season
Justin Gregg joins Kathleen for studies of the Mikura dolphins, and will assume the research there. Read more: DCP

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