Today was a very long and busy day, but we were rewarded with plenty of great data! Read more: A visit to the dolphin nursery
Yesterday’s winds and nasty rain continued into today - a chance to stay at home and catch up on work! Read more: Rain, rain, rain
For all of you who thought dolphin research involved sipping fruity drinks on white sandy beaches in 90 degree weather, I invite you to come to Mikura for a bit of a surprise… Read more: The real research begins
Kathleen and John headed back to Tokyo today – it’s all up to me now! Read more: Happy Birthday!
Another day and another surprise for an unsuspecting dolphin researcher… Read more: Justin inherits a garden
I am told that days like these are rare – the weather was great and the dolphins were very curious. Read more: Another great trip!
Our first day was a great success – after just 1 day, we are feeling confident that this will be a great year. Read more: First boat trip of the season!

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