I am now on the other end of ferry cancellation, and it is not pretty. Read more: Mikura where are you?
I’m on my way back to Mikura after a short sabbatical on a different island… Read more: Mikura here I come!
If you are going to get nervous swimming around dolphins, today would have been a good day to stay out of the water… Read more: Intimidating dolphins
A pleasant little boat trip this morning complete with a very funny and very clumsy pair of dolphin Read more: Dolphin comedy club
Two days without a boat trip and I am super antsy about getting back on the water! Read more: Virtual dolphins and mystery quiz!
 My streak of dolphin trips ends at 10 days. Read more: Worst water conditions EVER!
Squealing girls, screaming men and the mother of all waves Read more: Mikura wave of ludicrous size!
Two rockin’ boat trips: new calves and a genuine dolphin mêlée Read more: Dolphin fight! Dolphin fight!
A nice relaxing boat trip with plenty of good footage – and some zany dolphins Read more: A visit from a juvenile (delinquent)
A really great trip even though visibility was poor Read more: Dolphins gone wild!

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