Goodbye dear readers… Read more: End of the season!
I was in Tokyo for an authentic earthquake experience!! Read more: Earthquake in Tokyo!
My last dolphin trip of the season Read more: Bye Bye Mikura!
Where do the dolphins go at night? Read more: It is HOT here on Mikura
The hermit emerges from his cave… Read more: Where am I?
 The tourist season is upon us – the boats are filled to the brim Read more: Tourists everywhere!
I’m only one margarita away from living in a Jimmy Buffet song… Read more: Am I on Bimini?
 A mother/calf jamboree out by Subarune Read more: Mother
 No dolphin trips, but a local festival! Read more: Matsui!
 It only took 1 hour of being back on Mikura before I landed a dolphin trip! Read more: Revenge of the Ferry

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