And no dolphin trip with the school kids from yesterday… Read more: No aquarium phone call
Grade 10 at Bimini All Ages Read more: Back at school
Kayaking, hogfish & laundry….Good combo ;-) Read more: Some quiet days
A late showing of bottlenose keeps the successful dolphin sightings at 100% Read more: Bottlenose
Lots of spotteds and a nice sunset swim Read more: Last trip of the
And another dolphin presentation Read more: More Bad Weather ;-(
Awake at six a.m. to try to keep the water out of our apartment. Read more: STORMS!
A new group of passengers and official settling in. Read more: The second
Kathleen is off to Nassau and today was the last boat trip for the APU gang. Read more: Saturday trip
So much for showing our students any no-show days! Read more: What a first week!

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