A large group, although not terribly interested in us Read more: Dolphins!
A nice day... Read more: Honeymoon Harbor!
A productive day, without much internet access Read more: Inside work
We think it’s been a productive season, and it isn’t over yet! Read more: Walk-In dolphin trip
A nice, but tiring day Read more: A long day of diving
Today was cool, even if we only briefly saw dolphins underwater Read more: MANTA RAYS!!!!
  It was a quiet day on the dolphin grounds
Read more: No spotteds for us
We have lots of video to go through before we return to the states! Read more: LOTS of spotteds!
Dolphins and a Manta Ray! Read more: Diving and Dolphins
  A great new group…
Read more: Sunday Busy Sunday
Rain, Sun, Lobsters, Cleaning, Data and Frustration Read more: Good and Bad

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