In the middle of moving day, we get to go out on the dolphin boat. Read more: What? Dolphins?
The apartment lease is up tomorrow, so today is filled with cleaning and packing. Read more: Packing Up
  Are you as sick of hearing about hurricanes as we are?
Read more: Jeanne is here
School and Hurricane Prep (again!) Read more: A Very Busy Day
Trying to get some things accomplished in lieu of boat trips Read more: A business-y sort of day
But we’ve gone out on the water, which is a start! Read more: No Dolphin Trips :-(
We scared Ivan away, but will the tourists come back? Read more: A very, very quiet island
Frances is gone and the phones are back up Read more: Safe and Sound
Today’s activities included little dolphin work and lots of hurricane prep. Read more: Ever been swimming in mangroves?

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