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We have recently updated the DCP store in order to fix some of the glitches that have made shopping a bit of a nightmare in the past. Now instead of having to first register for an Online Account and wait to receive an email with an activation link before being allowed back into the store to complete your purchase, customers can simply place their order without interruption - the whole process has been streamlined. If you've tried to purchase something from our store in the past (e.g., an adoption kit), and been thwarted by an invalid activation link or other glitches, we apologize for all the trouble! But as of today, all these glitches have been fixed and your shopping experience should be painless. We appreciate all of the support that we've received from all of our customers in the past - your support makes it possible for DCP to conduct our research and to provide free educational resources to the public. Thank you and keep shopping!

The DCP store can be found at this link .  

Pearl the Pink Dolphin

Pear the Pink Dolphin is a children's fairy tale written by Tony Guzzi and illustrated by Tom Guzzi of Guzzi Studios. Fifty copies of the book have been generously donated to the Dolphin Communication Project by Guzzi Studios, and all proceeds from the sale of Pearl the Pink Dolphin via the DCP website will benefit DCP - helping to fund our research and education programs. Order your copy of this delightful book today , and help support DCP!

Click here to order.

Pearl the Pink Dolphin

The story focuses on a young dolphin named Pearl who, unlike her friends and family, is born pink instead of gray. Pearl changes her looks to fit in, only to find she was liked for who she already was.

ISBN: 1-4134-7988-X (Picture Book) Pages: 30 Subject: Fiction / General Book Format: Square 8.5 x 8.5 Reading Level: 1 - 6 Age Level: 4 - 10

You can listen to an online audio version of Pear the Pink Dolphin at this link.  

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Kathleen's new book

A new book from Kathleen M. Dudzinski (director of the Dolphin Communication project) and Toni Frohoff from Yale University Press and available in October 2008. 

"Dolphin Mysteries: Unlocking the secrets of communication".

Our book is about dolphin-dolphin and dolphin-human communication and is written for a general audience. We present accurate facts about dolphins generally and about their communication and cognition with conservation as well. We illustrate our text with stories from our field experiences. Our book is six chapters and about 250 pages. The prose is illustrated beautifully with original sketches and photography.

You can pre-order the book at Amazon:


Cookie Cutter Shark Bite

We've uploaded a couple more short videos of dolphin behavior to our YouTube page. Here's one of them: a short clip of one of the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins from Mikura swimming by our camera, giving us a close-up view of a fresh, gruesome cookie cutter shark bite.


Cookie cutter sharks are nasty little guys that take round bites out of dolphins, whales and even submarines!

Cookie Cutter Shark

Moko the dolphin saves stranded whales

A news story broke today concerning Moko the dolphin - a lone sociable dolphin residing off the coast of New Zealand - who purportedly helped escort two beached pygmy sperm whales to open waters. Here is a BBC article about the incident. And here is a BBC article stemming from this news-story where  DCP researcher Justin Gregg is interviewed about inter-species communication.
Malcolm Smith
Here is an interview with Malcolm Smith - the man who witnessed the incident -  on CNN

So did Moko really communicate with the whales and lead them to safety? It's hard to say. Dolphins and whales don't likely have a language that functions in the same way that we think of human language, so it's unlikely that Moko conveyed information like "hey you two, follow me out past this sandbar and I will lead you to open waters." Moko may have been able to communicate with them on some level however - it is likely that different species of cetaceans do share communication signals to some extent.  In fact, DCP Director Dr. Kathleen Dudzinski recently gave a presentation at the EAAM conference on Sunday, March 9th in Sweden concerning two species of dolphins (Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins) that seem to share common behaviors associated with flipper rubbing - a means of tactile communication common among many dolphin species.  Moko's communication with the pygmy sperm whales in this news story was not likely to have occurred on a complex, semantic-rich level, but if the account of the events in question is indeed true, then the whales did seem to respond to Moko on some level. There are many stories of dolphins coming to the aid of dolphins, humans and other animals that are in distress - helping to prop them up in the water, etc. Of course the whales may not have had the slightest idea what Moko was all about, but simply followed her as she swam out to sea by the sheer coincidence of her being there. With an anecdote like this, it is impossible to say what the cause of the behavior in question was. 

Research Associate, Dolphin Communication Project

Learn more about dolphin communication and what scientists think about dolphin language at this link
Discuss the incident on the DCP Forum here
If you are a news outlet and would like to discuss this incident further, please contact DCP via our website .  

Summer 2008 Intern Program

DCP is pleased to once again be accepting summer internship applications.  If you have a strong interest in marine mammal research and education, this may be the internship for you!  Click here for more information.

Summer 2008 Bimini Ecotour

Bahamas DolphinsHave you always wanted to assist with DCP's research on a beautiful Bahamian island?  Well, now's your chance!  We are currently planning a summer ecotour to our Bimini field site.  Click for more details or to learn more about Bimini -  See you soon!


DCP on YouTube

 DCP has its own channel on YouTube! You can find us at

Our YouTube channel showcases many of the videos featured on the DCP website, as well as a few new ones. Stay tuned as we continue to add more content! 

Roatan Ecotour - Spring 2008

*TRIP CANCELLED* - Check back in 2009! 

DCP is offering a spring weeklong ecotour to the Roatan Institute for Marine Science at Anthony's Key Resort on Roatan, Honduras from 24 - 31 May 2008.   In addition to dolphin swim & dolphin encounter opportunities,  participants will assist DCP research staff with our data collection.  Learn more about our Roatan ecotour program here. We look forward to having you join us on this newest ecotour program! 
Roatan Institute for Marine Science at Anthony's Key Resort on Roatan Roatan Institute for Marine Science at Anthony's Key Resort on Roatan

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