Hurray!!! The wind took a vacation today. We rode the ferry over to Blue Lagoon Island and were greeted with passable underwater visibility and spunky dolphins. I was quite pleased.

I was able to get a session in at about 10:30 for about 20 min. The visibility was actually not as good as it seemed from the surface. 

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Did I mention that it was windy in the winter in The Bahamas? And, this morning it rained. Not a drizzle or sprinkle, but a down-pour! Just amazing. The DE boat gave us a relatively smooth ride to Blue Lagoon Island, even considering the swells and white caps all over the path to the island. Read more: Wind, Wind, and yes, more Wind
Saturday was a FULL day of data collection and interaction at Dolphin Encounters. Sunday was a day of rest, sort of, but also a day of investigation and fun. Read more: A Double Day Report: Saturday and Sunday
Today was a great day! A morning session with the boys began at 10:20 am. I swam hard ... they mostly ignored me, but I did document pec fin rubbing and pair swims. Read more: A Warm Sunny Day in Paradise... rather in Blue Lagoon

It is a very rare occurrence, but does happen: me getting a cold while in the field. Yesterday, my ears and sinuses were full, and my throat sore. Same symptoms this morning. Why am I sharing my health status with you? Well, it had direct implications for data collection today. Having my husband, John, as my field assistant on this trip also means that he watches out for my full well-being. Thus, he convinced me that he should operate the array and I should take surface data observation notes.

john getting ready to enterJohn collected data during two sessions; one session was in Pool #2 with Goombay, Salvador and Shawn (who was switched with Jake halfway through this session), and the second session was with Jake, McGyver, Stormy, Andy and Goombay in Pool #3.  


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The wind blew yesterday, last night and all day today. It blew the clouds away, but also churned the sea into a bit of a froth. Outside of the DE facility the sea was loaded with white caps. Inside, little wavelets. Read more: Winter in The Bahamas is Punctuated by WIND

Yesterday, Monday, the wind had changed direction and picked up a bit. The high pressure that had been over us had moved off. The underwater visibility had dropped.

Today, Tuesday, is a business day of sorts ... 

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Today was a fantastic day for data collection. I had three entries/observation sessions with the male dolphins. Yes, all the male dolphins. Okay, all except for Cacique, one year old calf to Nina.  

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Lucky for me the day was slow for DE and I was able to get in the water at 9:30 this morning. I was in pool 3 with all the boys - Jake, McGyver, Andy, Stormy, Goombay, Shawn, and Salvador. The session was a boon! I documented much rubbing behavior and lots of whistles. Read more: The Earliest Entry Yet... and with 7 males!
We began the day just ahead of sunrise and took the staff ferry over to Blue Lagoon Island. The day was spectacular - weatherwise and animalwise. Read more: Dolphins, sea lions, a sea turtle and a cat
We left Boston's Logan Airport this morning for a 3 hr flight (not a 3 hr tour) to Nassau, The Bahamas. Leaving the chilly temps of New England for the warm breezes and sunny skies of Nassau was not difficult! Read more: The 2008 Field Season Begins with trip to DE in Nassau

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