Check out the latest news from DCP, including field reports filed by our researchers busy doing science at one of our many research sites.

Holiday Bonus!

This holiday season, all individuals who make a purchase from DCP will receive DCP ’s 2011 calendar. Our 2011 calendar is filled with photographs of dolphins from DCP ’s field sites. In addition, purchases over $50 will also receive an aluminum DCP water bottle - free! Purchases from DCP include Adopt-A-Wild-Dolphin packets, CafePress gear (holiday, dolphin and DCP), trading cards, memberships - anything found through our website.Qualifying purchases must be made on or before 1 January 2011. Note: If you make a purchase from Cafe Press, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to confirm your order and receive your holiday bonus(es)!

Dolphin Facebook Competition!

Did you know that all 26 Adopt-A-Dolphins have their own Facebook pages?Did you know that DCP researchers post updates on the dolphins when they are seen off the island of Bimini?Are you already a fan?Well, the dolphins are gearing up for a fan competition. There is lots of chatter over which dolphin will get the most "Likes" before 1 January 2010. Some are saying it will be the adventurous Lil' Jess, while others are rooting for fun-loving Addie. Maybe it will be social butterfly Split Jaw or spunky Nemo. You can help decide which dolphin will have the most "Likes" before the New Year. So log on and "Like" today! 


DCP is pleased to announce the newest dolphin available for adoption: Joanne! Joanne (ID#86) was first documented by researchers in 2004, but they had a hard time keeping her straight! This adult female's distinct pattern behind her blowhole is easy to see from the boat; the pattern below her eye is easy to see under water. If you are interested in adopting Joanne, please click here to learn all about our adopt-a-wild-dolphin program. But, since Joanne's own webpage isn't up and running yet, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to adopt Joanne. Please include the following information:Purchaser's Name, Purchaser's Email, Name on Certificate, Is this a gift?, Recipient's email, if different (so he or she can receive our quarterly newsletter!), Shipping…

NEW Dolphin Gazette!

It's that time of year folks - the last issue for the year of The Dolphin Gazette is here! Just in time for the holiday season, this issue is jam-packed with updates from the field, education programs and ways that you can support DCP. Updates include that from Kathleen's work at Dolphin Encounters; and let's just say dolphins aren't the only marine mammals making an appearance!Click here to download (6.2MB).

DCP in The Day

DCP's Dolphin Research Trainee program got the attention from local newspaper, The Day. A video showcasing DRT participants' experiences at our Bimini, Bahamas field site will be premiered on 9 October from 11:30 - 1:30 p.m. at Mystic Cinema in Old Mistick Village. The event is free and open to the public. Check out The Day article by clicking here. (Note: Dolphin Communication Project, a 501(c)3 organization, is no longer affiliated with Mystic Aquarium and Institute for Exploration.)


A playful, young dolphin from our Bimini, Bahamas field site has received her name! ID#084 is now known as "Addie." Addie is a juvenile female who was first added to our photo-ID catalog in 2006. She is the independent offspring of Trudy (#57) and received her name from DCP supporter Sandra Roberts. Now that Addie's name is official, you can support DCP's research and education programs by adopting her today! Want something a little more flattering? How about a nice comfy t-shirt with her image front and center? Click to adopt Addie or click to shop Addie Gear. And of course, she has her very own Dolphin Trading Card - click here to order yours! Thanks for the support Sandra!If…

The Latest Dolphin Gazette

Untitled Document The Dolphin Gazette - August 2010! Our latest Gazette is hot off the press! This issue of the Gazette focuses on our hugely successful summer programs, including a trip from the Dolphin Research Trainees to Bimini, as well as updates from our two summer interns; Cat and Janan, Also, we announce our new Membership Program and Dolphin Trading cards. Click here to download it as a PDF (3.8MB) All new DCP Membership Program DCP welcomes the support of our dolphin adoptive parents, our DRT participants (and parents) and our members. Over the past several years, DCP has revamped most of our programs - making them more accessible, with more current information and reflecting our expanding set of results…

New interview with Kathleen!

Isaac Davis Jr recently interviewed DCP Director, Dr. Kathleen Dudzinski for the "webzine" Junior's Cave. You can check out the interview where Kathleen talks about how she came to study dolphins, studying cognition versus intelligence, DCP's work and more. Click here to head to Junior's Cave!

Discounted Bimini Wild Dolphin Adventure Packages!

Our good friends at Bill & Nowdla's Wild Dolphin Adventures are pleased to announce discounted rates for their remaining Summer 2010 Wild Dolphin Adventure Packages. We know it's last minute, but we thought we'd help spread the word:DATES: 8 - 13 August OR 29 August - 3 SeptemberCOST: $999 per person/double occupancy (originally $1,269.00!)Each package includes 5 nights' accommodation, 5 wild dolphin trips, snorkeling opportunities and much more. For more information on Bill & Nowdla Keefe's Wild Dolphin Adventures, visit their website book your package (before space runs out!), contact their reservations department directly:In the US & Canada: 800-348-4644Elsewhere: 305-653-5572Or by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.'t forget to mention DCP when making your reservation!The DCP Fine Print: The packages described in this …

Dolphin Gazette - May, 2010

Get your Dolphin Gazette! That's right, the latest Dolphin Gazette is ready for the reading. Inside you'll get lots ofBimini updates, insight into whales of medieval Ireland, nature photography tips and much more. We hope you enjoy the issue - and share it with friends! Download as a PDF at this link

An awesome blog from a Dolphin Research Trainee student

Stephanie Letourneau, one of DCP' DRTs (i.e., a student in the Dolphin Research Trainee 2010 class), has started a blog all about her experiences in the class as she prepares for her field trip to Bimini, The Bahamas. You can check out her blog at this link. It's very enjoyable - thank you Stephanie for sharing your enthusiasm for dolphins and the DRT program with everyone! Some of Stephanie's blog related links: Subscribe via RSS Digg this ChipIn Save to Add to Facebook Check out how well Stephanie is doing raising money for her DRT trip to Bimini. Feel free to donate to support Steph's trip to Bimini. You can also donate money directly to DCP for all the…

Psst - do you speak Russian?

Hey - do you speak Russian? Would you like to see our "What is DCP" page translated into Russian? Check it out: Thanks to Svetlana Kotova for the translation!

EZ DIVE magazine

The "1st Bilingual Diving Magazine", EZ DIVE, featured Bimini, The Bahamas in their Oct/Nov 2009 issue. The author's underwater photographs were taken during boat trips with local operator Al Sweeting, Jr. You can read the story (and the DCP shout out!) by clicking here.


One of our favorite Bimini dolphins (oh, wait, aren't they all our favorites!?) has just received a name! ID#078, now called "Speedy," was named by Jenni MacArthur for Mark Tse. Speedy is a juvenile male who is just that. And when he rolls over, you can see his big, dark, belly spot! Now that Speedy's name is official, you can support DCP's research and education programs by adopting him today! Want something a little more flattering? How about a nice cozy sweatshirt with his image front and center? Click to adopt Speedy or click to shop Speedy Gear.Thanks for the support Jenni and Mark!If you are interested in naming a dolphin, check out ID#086!

The Dolphin Gazette - First Issue of 2010!

Our latest Gazette is hot off the press! This issue of the Gazette focuses mostly on Bimini - the studies, the people and, of course, the dolphins. But there are plenty of other research updates, as well as a matching game where you can test your skill at identifying dolphin species! Click here to download it as a PDF (3.7MB)

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