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 DCP ID#102 is a juvenile, female Atlantic spotted dolphin. DCP has been observing her off the coast of Bimini, The Bahamas since 2013. She is recognizable even before we enter the water, as she has two distinct notches in the center of her dorsal fin. In 2013, she also suffered an injury to her peduncle. Though this injury healed very well, it has left a permanent scar. Neither of these markings slow her down though! She is a busy dolphin, seen in a variety of social groups. Like "Seabeagle" (ID#106), un-named #102 has also been observed with fellow juveniles, Inka (#93) and Paul (#99).

Now that you know a bit more about #102, what name do you think suits her best? The cost to give a name to #102 - a rare and unique opportunity - is $750. If you've got a name in mind, you can purchase your name-a-dolphin kit today! After you make your purchase (using PayPal) we will contact you for more information about the name you've chosen.

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