In 2001, DCP began a study of a group of Atlantic spotted dolphins (Stenella frontalis) frequenting the waters around Bimini, along the Great Bahamas Bank. Each field season since then has been extremely successful and, as we collaborate with Bimini Undersea, we now have nearly 80 individual dolphins in our Photo-ID catalog.

The 2005 Bimini field season is being conducted by DCP Research Associates Darcie Blanding and Kelly Melillo. Darcie, currently in her second field season, is a master’s student at the University of Rhode Island. Darcie’s research focus has been on whistling behavior of the dolphins. Kelly, currently in her third field season, is a master’s student at Alaska Pacific University. Kelly’s focus is on the mating that has been witnessed between the bottlenose and spotted dolphins off Bimini. Both of us are extremely excited about this year’s field season. In addition to gathering data on the dolphins, we look forward to our weekly human passengers, some new and some veterans, as well our time spent on the island. We hope to visit all three of the schools on the island this year! The purpose of DCP’s research on this group of spotted dolphins is to analyze the group dynamics of Atlantic spotted dolphins found on the Great Bahamas Bank, north of the island of Bimini. Identification of individual dolphins and examination of their association patterns provides details and insight into their social structure and behavior. We will also examine if any of the identified dolphins match those individuals observed along the White Sand Ridge. To read more background information, click here. Below, you can stay up to date by reading our field reports. We will do our best to post as often as possible.

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