Kathleen Dudzinski, Ph.D.

Director, Dolphin Communication Project Dr. Kathleen Dudzinski has been studying dolphin behavior and communication since 1990, with a focus on tactile, behavioral and acoustic signals employed by dolphins as they share information with each other and across groups. Dr. Dudzinski is Founder and Director of the Dolphin Communication Project (DCP).…

Kelly Melillo Sweeting

DCP Secretary & Bimini Research Manager B.A. Environmental Studies, Connecticut College M.Sc. Environmental Science, Alaska Pacific University (Right: photo credit, Al Sweeting Jr) Kel has been a part of the DCP team since 2003.¬†Born and raised in North Haven, Connecticut, USA, she graduated from Connecticut College in 2004 after…

Justin Gregg, Ph.D.

Senior Research Associate Justin Gregg received his doctorate from the School of Psychology at Trinity College Dublin in Dublin Ireland in 2008. He has been a research associate with DCP since 2004, assisting with data collection on Bimini for 2004 and leading the field research on Mikura Island for the…

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